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Blue Business Credit Card

Jun 15, 2012 by Merjilyn Chu
What Did You Like?: No annual fee 

Very good offer,competitive rates.

Credit Card Reviews , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Very good offer,competitive rates.

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Pros of www.Open.com/GetBlue and Other Open.com and American Express Offers:

You will also find an attractive no annual intro fee for the first year. After this it will return to the published annual fee.

Get financial flexibility and control that matches your lifestyle. For those that travel frequently and want a card that provides them superior benefits and perks for their business, these are the top credit cards in the industry.

Take advantage of exciting savings, financial benefits, and rich rewards. Apply Now!


The only cons we saw with specific business cards is that after the intro offer for the no annual fee is up after a year, the following year will be at the normal highlighted annual fee. When we researched the cost of the annual fee it was almost always worth the money based on all the travel benefits and perks that come with these cards.


Our conclusion is that if you just look at savings on travel and baggage fees alone for a frequent flyer, the annual fee that you will have to pay is well worth the amount of savings you will get with these cards. If you are looking for personal or business credit cards that can build your rewards and that have premium benefits, then this selection of top credit cards is definitely worth the review.

Apply Here today for the www.Open.com/GetBlue or other pre-selected offers and start getting the perks and premium benefits you deserve.

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 www.Open.com/GetBlue   Apply For Open.com and American Express Credit Card Offers Compare 0% APR and 5% Cash Back Specials

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