The site is for those who want to take advantage of the invitation for offers specifically for balance transfers.

Most consumers have some sort of debt or credit card balances that are at a much higher rate than they feel comfortable with and would like to know their options for moving these high interest credit cards to a low or even 0% APR card.

0% interest rate credit cards can last for over 12 months and sometimes up to 18 months on some offers. You should be aware of the applicable promotional period so that you realize once it ends the credit card rate will go back to the standard purchase rate and then that will apply. The actual APR will vary depending on the Prime Rate.

Usually you will receive an offer in the mail which will give you 3 options. The first is usually an enclosed check that you can mail in and transfer the balance. Another is just to call the number provided and speak to a customer service representative.

The 3rd and easiest is just to do the balance transfer online.

You should be aware of the fact that when you do the transfer you will get charged a balance transfer fee which is usually $10 or 3% of the amount of each transaction whichever is higher of course. This is on a promotional balance transfer and the standard it usally 5% of the transfer.

If you search and compare sometimes you can find a balance transfer credit card with a lower or even $0 fee. These are hard to find and you do have to compare and search for these type of balance transfer credit cards and many times can also find a zero interest offer that extends up to 18 months in length.

We have included some options for you to compare below under our related links section. This will allow you to compare all of your options and apply online for these offers.

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