Credit Cards for Excellent or Great Credit

Credit Cards for Excellent or Great Credit scores and people that have been very responsible with their credit can really be used for your advantage.

These credit cards are usually associated with very low interest rates on purchases and balance transfers, travel rewards, no annual fees and many times have outstanding benefits that come automatically with these cards. Many times on the airline miles cards you will see the annual fees are waived for the first year.

The credit card companies like to get people with excellent credit scores to become regular long term customers and are willing to provide these low interest intro offers and maintain attractive rates going out into the future. They will also offer the best rewards and premium benefits that will help you save money on things like travel and cash back.

So what type of credit score do you need to get these credit cards for excellent credit?

Normally your FICO score or credit score needs to be 750 or more to qualify for this type of credit card. It is suggested you get your credit score to see where you stand when applying for any types of loans including credit cards.

We have listed below credit cards for excellent credit. Please review and compare interest rates, rewards and benefits on these cards and when you are ready to fill out the online application for that specific credit card of your choice, just click on the Apply Here button below.

Some of the top credit cards for excellent credit are airline or frequent flyer miles cards. Many times people that have great credit are the same folks that enjoy travel and vacations so these cards can really pay off in these areas.

You will find large point bonuses on air miles being offered as well as benefits like automatic travel and rental car insurance. Other cards will focus on prestigious perks and offers to its members and you just have to review each card carefully to select the one that fits your particular lifestyle.

When you have worked hard to build and get your credit to this point it is nice to know you are rewarded for it. Getting these kind of perks and benefits can make it really worth all the effort you took to get your credit score at this level. Enjoy all the great features of these cards and apply for yours today.