– PNC Flex Visa Credit Card Review – PNC Flex Visa Credit Card Review

The is a PreScreened offer through PNC Bank. You can put in your reservation number and get this credit card if approved.

The offer is for a 0% introductory offer for 13 billing cycles following you opening an account and transferring balances within 60 days.

This intro APR of zero percent is subject to an increase if you are late on even one payment. This interest rate does not apply to purchases or cash advances.

The PNC Flex Visa credit card offer through the offer contains a rewards program that will give you 4 points for each $1 in qualifying purchases. You can redeem these points for rewards like cash back, gift cards, travel and other items listed in the agreement. You really need to read the terms to understand the rewards program.

There is also no annual fee with the Flex Visa Card.

The only negatives about this program is that the interest rate is for balance transfers only and the purchase APR is at 12.99% and states that it will vary with the market based on the prime rate.

We also tried to read through the details of the rewards program and found it hard to understand and to clarify the details.

When compared to other credit cards that offer both 0% on purchases and balance transfers as well as rewards programs that are much easier to understand we feel that this is just an average credit card. Comparing all the credit card offers available to you is just a smart thing to do.

Below we have included links to our Low Interest Credit Cards and Balance Transfer Credit Cards pages. We suggest you compare all of these offers first before making a decision to apply for the PNC Flex Visa Card with your prescreened offer.

Below are the related links to our comparison pages for Low Interest and Balance Transfers credit cards. To apply for any of these offers after your review just click on the “Apply Here” button to be taken to that issuers credit card application for approval.

We hope this review will help you make a wise decision as well as realizing you always have other options and should always compare before applying.

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