Discover it® Credit Card Reviews

Discover it® Card Reviews

Below you will find user submitted reviews as well as a detailed summary of this excellent cash back credit card. To go directly to the online application to apply just click on the Apply Here button below.

Please submit a review if you have the Discover it® Credit Card and share your opinion with others. We appreciate your unbiased review.

Pros of the Discover it® Card

Zero Interest Intro offers on Purchases and balance transfers.

Up to 5% cash back on selected categories identified each quarter.

You get 24/7 Travel Assistance with Automatic Bill Payment and Online Account Management.

You will get helpful financial tools to manager your expenses.

Personalize your card with over a 100 different designs to choose from.

You have lots of options in regards to rewards and can choose from Partner gift cards, merchandise, Discover gift cards, Charity or Cash.

You can also make your payments and check your balance and more from your mobile device at

$0 Fraud Liability Guarantee protects from unauthorized charges. Our fraud monitoring service proactively monitors your account for suspicious activity.

Customer service reps are usually on the phone within 60 seconds to assist you.

Cons of the Discover it® Card

Need excellent credit to qualify for this credit card.
You will find periodically some places only accept Visa or MC, but this is rare as the network continues to grow.

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