Citi Platinum Select MasterCard Credit Card Review

Today we are going to review the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard Credit Card.

This card is for those with excellent credit. You have earned through your good credit history all the perks, rewards and benefits this premium card has to offer.

I personally use the Citi Platinum Select as my personal card of choice and will highlight the standard benefits as well as why I like this card so much. If you would like to go directly to the online credit card applications just click on the Apply Here button below.

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First off this credit card offers a 0% Intro APR on balance transfers and purchases for 21 months, which is one of the best extended intro offers at 0% in the industry.

You will earn Extra Cash from Citi and enjoy discounts on gift cards, travel, merchandise and more. Rewards change quarterly so be ready to take advantage. Currently when I called on my card today it was running a 10% cash back offer on all purchases with no cap or limit. I will be taking advantage of using this card for everything I buy.

You also have Citi® Identity Theft Solutions as well as Secure, free online account management by using Once you get your card you can just go to the site and register and then see your account balances, transactions, rewards and do overall account management.

Another great thing is their is no annual fee.

A few other benefits that I want to mention that I found out while using my card is how well Citi handles fraud protection. I had unauthorized charges occuring on my card from Great Britain and I live in the U.S.

Citi called me and sent me a text notifying me of what was occurring. I called them immediately and they had me confirm the charges were not mine. It was handled very professionally and I was not liable for any charges. They told me they would be sending me a new card out and that the false charges would be credited on my account.

The thing that really impressed me was that Citi overnighted my card to me. I know this normally would have cost around $15, but they did it for free and I had my new card available to use in the morning. I just wanted to point out this personal experience I had using my Citi Platinum Select MasterCard Credit Card.

While on the phone with the account representative I started asking some detailed questions about the benefits on the card. Here is a quick run down on the key ones I liked.

Retail Purchase protection on anything I buy. If it gets damaged or stolen it is replaced after filing a claim. This is important to me as I feel like anything that might happen to a bigger ticket item I buy will be covered and gives me a better feeling of security on my purchases.

It also has 1 year extended warranty on top of the manufacturers warranty. So if you buy a big screen tv and the warranty is only for one year through the manufacturer, you are covered for an additional year making it two years just by using your Citi Card.

You also get automatic rental car insurance, Emergency Travel and Road side assistance. This card is also eligible for Hertz discounts.

I have removed many of my credit cards from my wallet and primarily use my Citi Platinum Select as my default credit card of choice.

If you would like to apply, just go to the credit card grid above and click on the apply here button. You will be taken to the online credit application for approval.