Chase Freedom Review

Chase Freedom Credit Card Review

Chase Freedom Review


Credit Card Application Process

Most consumers were very happy with the process of filling out the Chase Freedom online application. They said it was very easy and quickly got approved for the credit card.

One person actually noted the fact they had over a 700 credit score which will help the approval process.

Most of the people commenting on the sites had very positive things to say about the credit line they received when applying saying it was much higher than other credit cards they had applied for in comparison. There was only one lady who mentioned she had the card for 3 years with no late payments and had not gotten a credit line increase.

Normally if you just call customer service they take care of it for you, but just wanted to note she was disappointed they did not do it automatically.

Bonus and 0% Introductory Offers

Most everyone had good things to say about 0% on purchases and balance transfers, some up to 15 months. The bonus offers were also positive and most people were able to meet the minimum spending requirements to get the bonus cash offer.

Annual Fee or Other Fees

There are no annual fees associated with the card. One person mentioned a 3% international transaction fee.

Cash Back and Other Rewards

There were many positive comments on the rewards program and the fact the redemption for those rewards was lower than the Discover IT card which is a competitor.

There was some confusion with consumers on the categories and signing up for the quarterly rewards program and the switching of categories. A couple consumers also mentioned that rewards say for dining were not all included and they did not get as many points as they had thought they should get.

But in general most people were very happy with the points received and the rewards program in general. Some even said they Love this credit card and others have said they use it for all their spending and have had it for years.


Overall very positive things said about the Chase Freedom Credit Card in reviews.

Some of the Pros:

Easy Application Process and good line of credit given based on the credit score.

Good Bonus program and low introductory offers for as long as 15 months on purchases and balance transfers.

Excellent rewards program very similar to the competitor Discover IT card with rotating categories quarterly that you have to sign up for on their website online.

No annual fees.

Some of the Cons:

A couple people thought the reward categories were confusing or did not give them the correct points in certain categories.

Foreign transaction fee of 3%

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