American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card Review

The American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card is one of the most widely promoted airline miles rewards cards in the credit card industry. It is for the Gold Delta Skymiles Credit Card. If you fly on Delta Airline or with any of it’s partners, this credit card just makes allot of sense to carry in your wallet. But we will let you make that choice after you read the review of benefits and perks below.

Delta Airlines has made this one of the number one Airline Miles credit cards through it’s promotions not only on TV via the My Card Can commercials, but in most airports across the country that Delta fly’s into.

To go directly to the Delta SkyMile credit card application you can just click on the “Apply Here” button below. Please read the credit card summary and review below with the positives and any negatives associated with this premium card.

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To start off you will get 30,000 bonus miles when you spend $500 on the Card in the first three months from account opening. This can be good for a free flight!

You will also find an attractive no annual intro fee for the first year.

With the use of your Delta Skymiles Card you will get to check your first bag free for up to 9 people on your reservation on every Delta flight you go on.

Receive double miles on Delta purchases and 1 mile for all other eligible dollars spent and get priority Boarding and 20% In Flight Savings every time you fly with the airline.


The only cons we saw with this card is that after the intro offer for the no annual fee is up after a year, each year there is a $95 annual fee with this card.


Our conclusion is that if you just look at baggage fees alone for a frequent flyer the annual fee that you will have to pay is well worth the amount of savings you will get with this card. If you fly with Delta or it’s partners on a regular basis, this is a really great airline miles rewards card to have in your purse or wallet.

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