AARP Credit Card Review –

AARP Credit Card Review –

With the AARP credit card you will get the following:

1) 1% on all purchases towards cash back
2) 3% on all travel related expenses which include airline, cruise lines and passenger train tickets. This also includes hotel and rental car expenses.
3) Benefits that now come with this card is purchase protection, extended warranty and price protection.
4) Chase donates $0.03 for every purchase made with the card to the Drive to End Hunger
5) Variable APR starts at 13.24 percent. This would be a rate that is high enough that you want to make sure you do not carry a balance.


The AARP credit card seems to focus on those that spend money on travel. If you do not travel frequently you would be better off comparing other credit cards that focus the cash back rewards on groceries and gas. These are things that you buy everyday and you will rack up more cash back rewards.

Now if you do travel and spend most of your money on airline tickets, hotels and rental cars then it is not a bad deal at 3%.

The 3 key benefits they are offering which is purchase protection, extended warranty and price protection can easily be found on other credit cards that offer a higher cash back amount. If you travel allot you should look further into the details of the AARP credit card. If you do not I would suggest reviewing and applying for another cash back or rewards credit card that will offer you more. Comparing other credit cards and reviewing their details before applying is just a smart thing to do.

We have included the links below for you to review your options:

Click Here to Compare Cash Back Credit Cards
Click Here to Compare Airline and Travel Rewards credit cards.

Please submit a review over our site for the AARP Credit Card, if you have this AARP rewards card and would like to share your opinion with others. It only takes a few seconds to fill out and will help others read about the pros and cons of this credit card offer first hand. We thank you for your participation.

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