Credit Card Reviews

Credit Card Reviews

Why Credit Card Reviews?

This sites purpose is to review all types of credit cards for you. This will give you the key information to make an informed decision before applying.

There are hundreds of credit cards on the market and each can have it’s own features for applying. We will explore credit cards in every category and by all bank issuers to explore those benefits and features in our credit card reviews.

What Makes Us Different From Other Review Sites?

We have chosen on this site not to promote specific credit cards through affiliate networks. This way we are not reviewing and promoting credit cards because we make affiliate commissions for doing a good or bad review on a card.

These reviews will be transparent and based on the data we see for specific cards and our opinions based on the facts only.

We may review credit cards utilizing information from credit card comparison sites as well as reading reviews on financial forums to gather more real time data to share with you in our reviews contained on our site.

We will list all of our findings in the credit card review.

What Are The Types of Features To Review On Credit Cards?

There are hundred of different credit cards and various options. Some of those include cash back rewards, low interest rates, no annual fees and even balance transfers. With all of these options it can be overwhelming to really understand how a specific credit card will benefit you.

We will discuss key features of a credit card such as the card issuer, promotions, interest rates, annual fees, rewards and unique benefits. Then we can share other data and research we discover. This will allow you the consumer to make an informed decision before proceeding to a credit card comparison site to apply online for that card.

What Types of Credit Cards Do You Review?

We will review all types of credit cards based on categories such as Balance Transfers, Cash Back, Low interest, 0% APR, Rewards Cards, Business, College Student cards, Bank Credit Cards, Store Credit Cards and even Credit Union Cards.

We will of course also focus on the most popular such as credit cards from Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, Discover, American Express and other popular card issuers.

What If I Have Fair or Average Credit?

When we review a credit card we will list the type of credit required before you apply.

This quality level required is usually highlighted on credit card comparison sites by the terms Excellent Credit, Good Credit, Average Credit to give you an idea of the credit score needed to get approved.