Credit Card Reviews

Credit Card Reviews

What Makes Our Credit Card Reviews Unique?

You will find our credit card reviews to be unique and different from any other credit card review site.

Most credit card sites provide the same information and details for a specific credit card. Most rate the cards a 5 Star so that you will apply for it. We review multiple inputs from actual customers on top reputable forums and sites to give you real time inputs from real customers. So it is not just what we think about the card in the review, it is the pros and cons summarized for you from real people who are using those credit cards and dealing with customer service and other issues.

A Pretty cool idea right? Yes we think so too.

We love personal finance products and giving you the real scoop.

So come back to CreditCardsReviews.Org often to read through our quick summaries and inputs on credit cards you may be interested in applying for today.

You are also encouraged to compare the best credit cards and apply with an online credit card application.

It is safe and secure and you can be approved in minutes.

What Are Some of The Credit Card Blogs and Comparison Sites We Review?

There are some really great financial websites as well as credit card blogs and comparison sites. Here are just a few that have really great data and comments giving feedback on specific credit cards.

1) Credit Karma
2) Nerd Wallet
4) Card Hub

We review multiple sites to make a fair assessment. Of course a site like ConsumerAffairs will be primarily negative type situations. We want to highlight positive and negative consumer comments to give you a good overall general summary of the credit card.

What Are Important General Characteristics That Most Credit Cards Include?

All credit cards are different and have their own positive or negative features. Below are some key things your should be aware of before applying.

1) Bonus Offers When You Open Up.
2) Introductory APR Offers and Duration
3) Rewards Associated With The Use of The Credit Card.
4) Does The Card Have an Annual Fee
5) Benefits Such as Travel Insurance, Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty and Others associated with the issuer.

Customer Satisfaction and Service is another important aspect of a credit card. This is where the rubber meets the road and when you have an issue or problem you want to be able to get a hold of a real person who can take care of your problem quickly.

We will discuss all of these various items in our credit card reviews and summaries.

Good luck in finding the perfect credit card for you!