We are constantly reviewing the best credit cards for you to save you time and money.

The Best Credit Cards for 2015 are highlighted below per our Editor’s Review.

Best Card For Cash Back:

A great credit card that gives you cash back rewards is a smart idea if you utilize your card for all of your transactions and pay the card balance off each month.

You also want a card with benefits like extended warranty and purchase protection. This just protects you when buying electronics and other items with your card. This is the advantage of using a credit card compared to cash. We have reviewed cash back cards for their interest rate, cash back rewards, annual fees and overall benefits.

Discover it® is a cash back credit card. You get 5% cash back on purchases in quarterly rotating categories. Discover it® offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers.

What is so excellent about their cash rewards program is that you can double the value of your points by redeeming them for certain gift cards from over 100 partner stores. This stretches the cash back rewards and is a great reason we voted this the best cash back credit card.

Discover it®

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Best Student Credit Card:

is the Discover it® for Students with $20 Cashback Bonus.

College students need a good credit card for online purchases and general expenses while they are attending school. One of the key reasons to get a Student credit card is that it is a great tool to build up your credit history.

This credit history will effect your future and for getting credit to purchase a car or home when you get older and graduate from college.

First off you will get cash rewards with $20 cash back after you make your first purchase within 3 months of approval. Get 5% back on rotating categories as well as a low interest rate.

This card has no annual fee and is top in the Student credit card category.

You will get a free FICO® Credit Score on monthly statements, online and in the awesome mobile app. You will also get free text alerts that remind you when your payment is due. The mobile app really helps you stay on top of your account.

Discover it® for Students with $20 Cashback Bonus

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Best Travel Rewards Credit Card:

A great travel rewards card is one that earns maximum rewards while providing total flexibility. This means one that has no blackout dates and a bonus is always nice.

You also want a card with travel benefits and protection.

U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® card is a travel rewards credit card. Get 20,000 bonus FlexPoints after the first $3,500 in net purchases within the first four months. Award travel starts at just 20,000 FlexPoints. This is up to a $400 ticket value. It can be used on over 150 airlines with no blackout dates or online redemption fees.

Earn two FlexPoints for every $1 spent on gas, grocery or airline purchases — whichever you spend most on each monthly billing cycle.

This card has a 0% intro APR for the first 12 months as well as no annual fee in the first year. After the first year the annual fee is $49. Overall this card is as it’s name says very Flexible. I like the fact it has a large selection of partner airlines that the rewards can be used on unlike other travel cards that are airline specific.

U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® card

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Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards:

Most people looking to do a balance transfer are looking for the lowest rate possible. This of course would be at 0% APR and preferably with no annual fee. My advice is to use a balance transfer card as a 0% loan where all of your payment is going to principle to get the balance paid off. That would be the goal.

So there are cards that offer an 18 month 0% term. We also reviewed not only the interest rate but took the 3% fee in consideration. Then we also looked at fees and benefits such as extended warranty and purchase protection as well as other factors.

Discover it® has a great balance transfer credit card that we felt met all of these factors. You get 5% cash back on purchases in quarterly rotating categories. Discover it® offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers. The current balance transfer offer is for 18 months on their balance transfer card.

You still get a great cash back rewards program and benefits.

Discover it®

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A Couple Credit Card Tips Before Applying

Finding the best credit cards for you and your personal situation is as easy as asking yourself a couple questions.

If you run a balance you will want a 0% APR Interest credit card to avoid paying on that balance each month. Balance transfer credit cards are a great way to move higher interest balances and consolidating into one low monthly payment.

Many people who have good to excellent credit or a higher income tend to pay off their credit card balances each month. They utilize credit cards in a smart way. They build cash back rewards or points to be used for travel or cash back. This makes your credit card earn passive income for you just by using it for all of your daily transactions and bills.

If you run a balance it does not really make sense to have a cash back card as the interest you pay on your balance will not make it very effective.

Many of the best credit cards also offer benefits like Purchase protection, extended warranty, price protection, on products you buy. They also have travel benefits that can really add up.