Credit Card Reviews

Credit Card Reviews

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We are an informational website that reviews credit cards.

How Do We Add Value to You The Consumer Regarding Credit Cards?

The value add of our site to you the consumer is to provide a detailed breakdown of the key issuers and major bank credit card details. This includes reviewing the different types of credit cards they each offer as well as the key benefits each can have for you financially, when you apply and get approved.

We will also review and provide information on various categories of credit cards. This can include the best cash back, travel rewards or balance transfer credit cards. You will be able to go to a category and see what are the best cards to apply for and why. We will highlight the features and list the benefits of certain cards so you can quickly scan and make a decision on which card is best for you.

At the bottom of this page you will find a related resources section. This provides some key websites you can visit to obtain free credit reports and information regarding your consumer rights.

What Are The Best Credit Cards?

You will find the details on various credit cards issued by banks like Chase, Bank of America, American Express and Discover Card. This allows you to scan through an overall summary for the banks credit cards and decide which categories are the best for you. There are many different types of credit cards and each category of card can benefit you in specific ways.

You will need to decide which Bank credit card you like the best, as well as the type of card and how you wish to maximize the benefits for your lifestyle and spending habits.

credit card types

As you can see by the image above there are many types of credit cards.

Low Interest Credit Cards

These can be great for purchases of consumer electronics or other more expensive items where you will carry a balance for a few months. Many of these low interest credit cards also have 0% APR introductory offers. Some can have a zero percent interest rate for up to 12 months or even longer.

Balance Transfer Cards

Some of the 0% interest intro offers can be targeted to those that wish to convert high interest credit cards into a zero interest card for as long as possible. There are some bank credit cards that we have seen offers for up to 18 months. When you read or informational reviews you will see the ones that are the best and have the longest introductory offers for balance transfer offers.

You will also want to read key characteristics of these balance transfer credit cards, such as ones with no balance transfer fees. A fee on a balance transfer can be from 3 – 5% of the amount being transferred. So even though the transfer might be at a 0% APR, the fee could be a chunk up front to pay to get that extended term at this low of interest.

We will tell you which card or cards offer the 0% fee as well as the banks or issuers where you can apply with an online application.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

There are a number of great travel rewards credit cards we will dig into for you to review. Some are very generic cards that give you overall rewards that can be used anywhere and others are targeted to specific airlines and hotels. Depending on your travels and what benefits you are looking for you can decide the best ones for your situation.

These are just a few examples of the best credit cards in specific categories we will provide information on.

Who Issues Credit Cards And How Do I Apply?

The majority of credit cards are issued by the big banks such as Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, American Express, Wells Fargo, Barclaycards, Discover Card, First Premier and Credit One.

But there are many others such as SunTrust Bank, Regions Bank, PNC Bank and we can go on and on. We will target as many as we can and review the best credit cards they offer.

Credit Unions also offer low rate credit cards to their members.

Department Store cards are also very popular and are issued in the actual store locations as well as online.

You will find all the information you will need on our site for all of these types of credit cards. We also include their online applications to apply.

Another good option is to use a credit card comparison site to compare credit cards and then apply directly online.

What Are The Best Credit Card Resources?

Below we list some of the best credit card resources for you to utilize and educate yourself on regarding credit cards.

Federal Trade Commission – Credit, Debit and Charge Cards Information

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